How to Start Dancing

First of all, congratulations on taking your first step towards dancing by visiting our website! The next step is to either:

  • Arrange a 1/2 hour introductory private lesson
  • Attend one of our group classes

If you are interested in private lessons send us an email with your information (using our contact page) and we can contact you to setup your 1/2 hour private introductory lesson for just $5.*

The introductory lesson will allow you to see first hand how we teach and how easy we make it to learn dancing. We're confident you'll find your lesson both enjoyable and educational.

If at this time you are only interested in group classes then you can simply pick a group class you'd like to attend (see our calendar) and show up. Classes are open to new students during the first two weeks of each month. However, the best way to learn to dance is to take a combination of private lessons and group classes (see our FAQ: How do people usually learn to dance?).

* Please note that the 1/2 hour intro lesson is only available to Las Vegas and Henderson residents who have not already had an introductory lesson from Las Vegas Dancesport.